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Catriona’s Aberdeen Angus
- Aberdeen Angus Bulls -

Aberdeen Angus bulls in the Catriona’s herd are unlike any others in the U.K. as they come from hand-selected donor cows whose embryos are imported from the U.S.A.

  • Our primary objective is not to compete in the show ring, but to increase the profitability of Aberdeen Angus beef production for both the farmer and the processor.
  • The farmer gets added muscle and vastly increased weight gain with the ability to convert forage (which is increasingly becoming a requirement of the processors to avoid animals becoming over-fat).
  • The processor gets high tenderness carcasses, therefore reducing the necessary hanging time.
  • Rib-eyes from our herd are larger too.

Summer 2010: we are currently sold out of Aberdeen Angus bulls for sale. We have a number of young bulls that will become available for sale in due course.



Please contact us to make a viewing appointment.

- Aberdeen Angus Bull Semen -




£££ For the Dairy Farmer:
We have a list of beef finishers who will pay you a premium for a calf sired by Catriona’s Ellisand

£££ For the Beef Farmer:
Early maturing Aberdeen Angus cattle, loaded with muscle mean higher margins in a shorter time

Use an Aberdeen Angus sire for
easy calving
£££ For the Processor:
Highly tender cattle,
loaded with muscle, give processors what they want: less hanging time

Semen available on: Catriona’s Ellisand

  • Tested 10*star for tenderness (max. score)
  • Record breaking rib-eye of 115mm @16 months
  • Undoubtedly one of the stoutest Aberdeen Angus bulls in the UK
  • As gentle-natured as a puppy
  • Homozygous black
  • Not creep fed until 7 months; weighed 715k at 400 days
  • £25 per straw; £50 royalty fee for pedigree registrations

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Aberdeen Angus Bull
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